As fotos. The pictures

No words needed… Não precisa de texto. Simplesmente lindo.

Sign Post forest. 76,000 signs. Floresta de placas. Interessante e historia.,_Yukon
Quando tinha um carro na frente, ele “avisava” que tinha terra… That’s how we knew there was dirt ahead…
São paisagens assim que compensam as longas horas sentado na moto. Places like this more than compensate the long hours on the saddle.
Areia, e brita apareciam de repente… From nowhere, sand… Loose gravel. Have to be very aware not to be caught by surprise.
Parece facil, mas era um paredão. It looks easy, but it was a very steep wall.

2 thoughts on “As fotos. The pictures

  1. Homero says:

    I am glad you like it and it is useful. Cheers

  2. Sergioaraujopereira says:

    Voces deixaram alguma placa nesta floresta? Incrivel lugar, abs

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